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The Military Games Fundraiser DIscs

The first Military Disc Golf Games will bring together disc golfers from all military branches to determine what branch is best. The military disc golf community is growing quickly and we want to keep it going. The proceeds from this charity event will support Project Sanctuary and the Paul McBeth Foundation.

Project Sanctuary believes that everyone has the right and the ability to heal. We assist military service members by reconnecting the family unit through a holistic approach. Our program heals the traumatic effects of military service, treating all members of the family at their level of need and enabling the service members to reintegrate into their families and communities in a healthy and sustainable manner. Project Sanctuary’s work preserves the family unit, strengthening the community, the military, and the country.

The Paul McBeth Foundation sees the incredible benefits that disc golf can provide for both individuals and groups of people. The golf lessons learned on the course associated with hard work, commitment, integrity, critical thinking, decision making, communication, and building and maintaining relationships go way past the course and deep into the futures of all who participate. The Paul McBeth Foundation is committed to making this a reality for as many people as possible.

100% of the money made from these discs will go toward making this charity event a success! The Military Disc Golf Games appreciates your support!
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